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On Site Tailoring

Wether you buy from us or bring in your own suit, we offer on site tailoring. Our Tailor has more than 25 years of experience and we are confident that you will be more than satisfied with our work. Our fittings are in store and are personalized.


This is your one stop shop. We have an immense variety of bowties, ties, hats, shoes, cufflinks and more.

our customers say:

Joseph had me impressed from the moment he told me my exact sizes without even measuring (of course he measured to double check) but someone who knows their craft that well as well as having my suit altered and available 3 days before the agreed date sets this shop apart from others I’ve visited. The personable employees and professional quality has me coming back.

Nate Francisco

My husband and I ran into this store by coincidence. We hit the jackpot with it. The suits are of great quality. The customer service was excellent. And what was more impressing was that the gentleman taking care of my husband actually altered his hem in a matter of 10 minutes flat. We are so happy . We will return . 

Jeff and Elizabeth

I am getting married very soon. I did some research online and found that Suit Exchange has some of the best prices around. So I decided to check out it.
When I got there, Joseph, the store manager had been very good to me, my fiancee and my groomsmen. He has EXPERIENCE and is very good at what he does. The tuxedos were fitted and they all fit nicely and look good. He has been very helpful in giving advice and letting you know if something looks good or not. I highly recommend coming here for all of your suit, tuxedo, bowties, suspenders, shoes and any other needs of that nature.

Joshua Monzon